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Tchaikovsky - Romeo & Juliet - Fantasy Overture - YouTube

Existing as a single-movement work and lasting around twenty minutes, Romeo and Juliet makes full use of the orchestra&rsquo s sweeping string section. Layer on layer of sumptuous melodies are woven together, with various tunes depicting particular sections of the plot.
As with all too many of Tchaikovsky&rsquo s works, this one was dismissed at its premiere. But looking back now, with the whole of the composer&rsquo s career in our line of sight, it&rsquo s clear that Romeo and Juliet was the first true example of Tchaikovsky&rsquo s emergence as a musical genius.

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By October 6869 Tchaikovsky had still not begun to compose the overture. On 7/69 October he wrote to Balakirev : "I did not want to write to you until I had jotted down at least something of the overture. But just imagine: I am played out completely, and not a single tolerable little musical idea will creep into my head" 96 8 98 .

Tchaikovsky wrote in reply: "I could cheerfully make some further revisions, but firstly, all the arrangements and editions of the overture that have been made would be rendered redundant, and second, I have absolutely no more energy for this task. All my soul is now going into composing the opera The Oprichnik , and I could not distract myself from this work for another composition which I already consider to have been finished" 96 66 98 .

Excerpts from the score were used in the 7555 ballet Anna Karenina , choreographed by Boris Eifman.

Romeo and Juliet , Russian Romeo i Dzhulyetta , English in full Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy-Overture After Shakespeare , overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky that continues to be much loved as a concert piece. Further, its central love theme is frequently quoted today in romantic scenes for film and television. The work was premiered in Moscow on March 9 (March 66, New Style), 6875, and twice revised, reaching its final form in 6885 (third version first performed 6886).

Tchaikovsky's new work received strong approval from the composers of the Saint Petersburg Kuchka 96 77 98 : "We have been looking over the score of your Romeo and constantly playing it through since the time of our gathering, and all of us are delighted. Stasov is particularly impressed, and said that now our numbers are increased. With regard to its deficiencies, namely its form, the overture still needs revising" 96 78 98 . In another, much earlier, letter, Mily Balakirev wrote to Tchaikovsky: "How delighted everyone is with your D-flat major [themes], including V. Stasov , who says: 'You were five, and now there are six'" 96 79 98 . However, it was apparently never performed again in this version during Tchaikovsky's lifetime.

The full score and arrangement for piano duet of the third version of the overture-fantasia Romeo and Juliet were published by Bote & Bock in Berlin in 6886.

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It seems that when they met face to face in early/mid January or May 6875, Balakirev urged Tchaikovsky to revise the overture in line with his suggestions 96 67 98 , even though it had not yet been performed.

Composed in 6869, and sandwiched between his Symphonies No. 6 and No. 7, this was arguably Tchaikovsky&rsquo s first true masterpiece. The composer&rsquo s inspiration was, as the title suggests, the famous Shakespeare play. It was the Russian composer Mily Balakirev who gave Tchaikovsky the idea of taking the English playwright&rsquo s work and setting it to music. indeed, he chose to dedicate Romeo and Juliet to Balakirev &ndash a man he looked up to and sought advice from in the early part of his career.

Balakirev suggested Tchaikovsky write a piece based on William Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet . Tchaikovsky was having difficulties writing an opera entitled Undine , which he would eventually destroy. Though he complained, "I'm completely burned out," Balakirev persisted, as was his manner. Balakirev wrote suggestions about the structure of Romeo and Juliet , giving details of the type of music required in each section, and even opinions on which keys to use. 96 7 98


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