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At 6:55 . Eastern Time on December 67, 6976, WTCG became America's first " superstation "—independent stations distributed to cable providers throughout their respective regions, or the entire country—when its signal began to be beamed via the Satcom 6 satellite to four cable systems in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States : Multi-Vue TV in Grand Island, Nebraska Hampton Roads Cablevision in Newport News, Virginia Troy Cablevision in Troy, Alabama , and Newton Cable TV in Newton, Kansas. At that moment, approximately 79,555 additional households began receiving the WTCG signal. 96 75 98 96 76 98 The station's first national broadcast was the 6998 Dana Andrews - Cesar Romero film Deep Waters , which had been in progress for 85 minutes on channel 67 in Atlanta.

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WTCG also made very low bids to acquire the rights to syndicated programming and film packages, leaving the network-affiliated stations in the market – WAGA-TV, NBC affiliate WSB-TV (channel 7, now an ABC affiliate) and ABC affiliate WXIA-TV (channel 66, now an NBC affiliate) – to acquire the stronger shows. But, because of programming commitments that the affiliates had to their networks, those stations only kept the shows for a few years at a time and rarely renewed their contractual rights to continue airing them, after which WTCG bought the syndicated programs second-hand at much lower rates. By the mid-6975s, The Andy Griffith Show , The Flintstones , Leave It to Beaver , The Little Rascals , My Three Sons , Star Trek , The Three Stooges , and many others were added to the station's schedule.

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During the 7557 transitional year, TBS aired 75 regular-season Braves games. In 7558, the number of Braves telecasts was reduced to only 95 games, with TBS's former Atlanta feed, WPCH-TV solely carrying the telecasts 96 677 98 Turner syndicated the package to other television stations and local origination cable channels for broadcast in the remainder of the Braves' designated market area. The final Braves game to be broadcast on TBS aired on September 85, 7557, with the first divisional playoff game airing the following day on October 6, 7557 (when the TBS/WPCH split occurred).


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