«Exergen temporal thermometer babies r us» . «Exergen temporal thermometer babies r us».

How to Use the Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer (deg C)

I bought this for my son and daughter-in-law for their twin daughters. It is so much easier to take their temperatures this way.

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We purchased this for use in our medical practice but shut down due to COVID69 6 week after receiving it. So it s been used very little. There is a hairline crack that is developing and getting larger after each cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. Of course now it is impossible to find a replacement.

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Is working well for us! Thank you.

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In stock at Union City, 85655 Dyer St

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The TAT-5555 has been designed with the exceptional durability and longevity required for intense hospital use.

The sensor head of the Infrared Thermometer is built to last with a white copolymer material that withstands strenuous disinfecting cleaners and chemicals. Disposable covers are also available - See accessories below - which make it unnecessary to disinfect after each use. The TAT-5555 lens itself is made of pure silicon crystalline and resists chemical etching. The Temporal Thermometer's case is ribbed for impact-resistance and annealed to protect against cleaning chemicals.

To order: Thermometer TemporalScanner Model TAT-5555 Oral Equivalent Calibration use part # 679875

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Just ask your pediatrician for your TAT-7555C Educational Pamphlet which includes a $ (mail-in) rebate coupon good toward your purchase of an ORIGINAL TemporalScanner x7677 or SmartGlow TAT-7555C ComfortSCANNER x7677 or TemporalScanner x7677 Thermometer.

I had gotten this because my 9 yr old niece had the flu and she s not the greatest about holding a thermometer under her tongue. I kept getting super low readings, but could tell she was definitely running a fever. Fast forward 8 days, and I now have the flu. I have two other thermometers, so figured I d compare my temp on all three. Both oral thermometers said over 656, and my body FEELS like 656. The exergen temporal thermometer is giving me readings in the 96-97 range. I ll be returning it.


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The Exergen Thermometer works by scanning across the temporal artery, making thousands... Exergen Temporal Scanner 2000C Manual Online: Changing The Battery. Blinking battery icon with temperature displayed: battery is low but will still operate correctly.