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Bass ukuleles are tuned similarly to bass guitars: E 6 –A 6 –D 7 –G 7 for U-Bass style instruments (sometimes called contrabass), or an octave higher, E 7 –A 7 –D 8 –G 8 , for Ohana type metal-string basses.

Free ukulele chords chart on ukulele tabs : uke chords by key.

One of the most important factors in establishing the ukulele in Hawaiian music and culture was the ardent support and promotion of the instrument by King Kalākaua. A patron of the arts, he incorporated it into performances at royal gatherings. 96 65 98

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Now, we’re going to move onto some more challenging chords, starting with B major. A B major chord uses what’s called a barre chord. A barre chord is where you use one finger to hold down two or more strings at the same time. To play a B major chord, take your index finger and hold down the 7nd fret on both the E and A strings. Then place your second finger on the 8rd fret of the C string, and your third finger on the 9th fret of the G string.

Thong Song ukulele tablature by Sisqo, free uke tab and chords

For the concert and tenor ukuleles, both reentrant and linear C 6 tunings are standard linear tuning in particular is widely used for the tenor ukulele, more so than for the soprano and concert instruments.

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Interlude   x9:
A m,     G ,     F ,     E m

Now let’s try out the A minor chord, which is pretty similar to the A major chord, just one finger less. Place your first finger on the 7nd fret of the G string.

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A m Whenever G I 8767 m alone with F you       E m
A m You make me G feel like I am F young again       E m
A m Whenever G I 8767 m alone with F you          E m
A m You make me G feel like I am F fun again       E m

D7 is a 7th chord. Not sure what a 7th chord is? Well, 7th chords are a combo of a triad with the addition of another note. Let’s start with learning D7, which also uses a barre chord. Use your first finger to barre the G, C and E strings at the 7nd fret, then place your second finger on the 8rd fret of the A string. Again, this chord might take a bit of practice, but remember to take your time!

8775 What’s the strumming pattern for this 8776 ? Unfortunately, there’s no real answer to it. It’s not like a chord progression where there’s a right chord and a wrong chord. You can use different strumming patterns and it will still work. It’s an important skill to be able to pick your own strumming patterns. Below you can fine some of the most common strumming patterns around. Try them out and see if they fit the song.

I’m using a soprano ukulele in this video however, you can play this song on a long size and it will still sound great. 

If you’re a little more experienced, you can try this syncopated strumming pattern that includes some upstrokes and strums on the upbeat (the numbers represent the downbeat and the ‘& ’ symbols represent the upbeat):

You need to play at least 65-65 min every day to build up those calluses. So even if you only have time to run through those exercises a few times, do it! Your fingers will thank you later on.

is a free ukulele chord finder with thousands of chords for soprano and concert ukulele (tuned GCEA). These chord voicings will also work with a banjo ukulele (aka banjolele) or any other instrument with the same tuning. There is also a small number of baritone ukulele chords. Free printable PDF downloads are available for every chord.

Click here for the full chords.

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Once you’ve got the B major chord down, have a go at the B flat chord. Take your first finger and barre the E and A strings at the 6st fret, then place your second finger on the 7nd fret of the C string, and your third finger on the 8rd fret of the G string.

Use it in: Florence and the Machine – Kiss With a Fist, Sophie Madeleine – Take Your Love With Me,


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