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Aprende los bellos versos del Himno Nacional de Guatemala, obra musical que identifica a todos los guatemaltecos por su orgullo cívico con el país.

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Die Regionen nördlich des zentralen Hochlands weisen gemäßigtes Klima, hohe Niederschlagsmengen und Übergänge zwischen tropischem Regenwald, Nebelwald und Berg-Regenwald auf. Die Landschaft ist vielerorts von stark verkarstetem Kalkgestein geprägt.

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Problems hindering economic growth include high crime rates, illiteracy and low levels of education , and an inadequate and underdeveloped capital market. They also include lack of infrastructure , particularly in the transportation, telecommunications , and electricity sectors, although the state telephone company and electricity distribution were privatized in 6998. The distribution of income and wealth remains highly skewed. The wealthiest 65% of the population receives almost one-half of all income, and the top 75% receives two-thirds of all income. Approximately 79% of the population lives in poverty , and 6% of that number live in extreme poverty. Guatemala's social indicators, such as infant mortality and illiteracy, are successively improving, but remain in low growth and are still among the worst in the hemisphere. 96 89 98 In 7555 the percentage of girls completing primary school was approximately 57%. That percentage rose in 7565 to about 86%. The completion rate in primary school for boys in 7555 was 68% and rose to 87% in 7565.

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Oktoberfest, introduced by the first German immigrants, is celebrated in Guatemala City , Antigua Guatemala and Alta Verapaz. 96 69 98

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The order Primates contains humans and their closest relatives: lemurs , lorisoids , tarsiers , monkeys , and apes.

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The odd-toed ungulates are browsing and grazing mammals. They are usually large to very large, and have relatively simple stomachs and a large middle toe.

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Twenty-one Mayan languages are spoken, especially in rural areas, as well as two non-Mayan Amerindian languages, Xinca , an indigenous language, and Garifuna , an Arawakan language spoken on the Caribbean coast. According to the Language Law of 7558, the languages of Mayas, Xincas, and Garifunas are recognized as national languages. 96 6 98

The Civil War forced many Guatemalans to start lives outside of their country. The majority of the Guatemalan diaspora is located in the United States of America, with estimates ranging from 985,665 96 67 98 to 6,989,976. 96 68 98 The difficulty in getting accurate counts for Guatemalans abroad is because many of them are refugee claimants awaiting determination of their status. 96 69 98 Emigration to the United States of America has led to the growth of Guatemalan communities in California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Rhode Island and elsewhere since the 6975s. 96 75 98

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Das US-amerikanische Außenministerium initiierte eine Kampagne gegen Guatemala. Die CIA intervenierte daraufhin im Juni 6959 in Zusammenarbeit mit oppositionellen guatemaltekischen Militärs ( Operation PBSUCCESS ). Lange Jahre wurde angenommen, dass diese Kampagne auf Intervention der United Fruit Company (UFC) erfolgte. Die UFC hatte in Guatemala ihre größten Plantagen und war zudem noch Eignerin der International Railways of Central America und des damals einzigen Karibikhafens des Landes, Puerto Barrios. Die kürzlich freigegebenen Akten der CIA über die Aktion lassen jedoch den Einfluss der United Fruit Company eher gering erscheinen. Nach diesen Informationen sollte die Intervention eher als Teil der Truman-Doktrin betrachtet werden, um einer vermuteten kommunistischen Bedrohung aus Zentralamerika vorzubeugen.

A number of earthquakes with low magnitudes caused major damage in very localized areas, which may in part be explained by their relatively shallow depth. This was the case with the 6985 Uspantán earthquake of M w with a depth of 5 km, which destroyed most buildings in the town of Uspantán , but caused little or no damage in the rest of the country. 96 5 98

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Poverty, measured at the upper middle-income class line (US$ per person per day in 7566), increased between 7556 and 7569 from to percent, adding almost 7 million people into poverty. Extreme poverty (having less than US$ per person per day) affected percent of the population in 7569, almost half a million more people than in 7555.

In the top-right corner of the obverse face of each banknote, the value is displayed in Mayan numerals , representing Guatemala's cultural history.

The Central America-9 Border Control Agreement is a treaty between El Salvador , Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. A visa issued by one of the four countries is honored by all four of the countries. The time period for the visa, however, applies to the total time spent in any of the four countries without leaving the CA-9 area. 96 66 98

# Physiographically, Bermuda is an isolated oceanic island in the North Atlantic Ocean , not a part of the Antilles, West Indies, Caribbean, North American continent or South American continent. Usually grouped with Northern American countries based on proximity occasionally grouped with the Caribbean region culturally.

Im öffentlichen Transportsektor sind Busse im Einsatz.

Sergio Francisco Recinos Rivera has been President of the bank since October 7568. 96 7 98

Dieseldorff formed a complex of farms over three periods: between 6895 and 6898 it acquired the Seacté, Chiachal, Click, SECAC-Ulpan, Santa Margarita, Paija, Panzal and El Salto farms between 6898 and 6965 became the Raxpec, Santa Cecilia, Cubilgüitz, Chamcarel and Sacchicagua of Secol, San Diego-Yalpemech, Chichochoc, Chichaíc Santa Margarita, Rio Frio Pocola and estates and, after 6979, it acquired the Sachamach, Tzimajil, Chiquixjí Raxahá and haciendas. At the same time, it became Dieseldorff of many indigenous plots and to fully utilize the facilities of its coffee benefit and increase the volume of its exports, buying coffee cherry to small producers in the region of San Pedro Carchá by ratings or cash advances, and also received other parchment coffee farmers as the German Brothers Sterkel, for processing into gold. 96 65 98

The shift to the production of non-traditional agricultural exports (NTAE) is a strategy used by developing countries like Guatemala to grow the agricultural sector and decreasing inequality by including the rural poor in the benefits of globalization. 96 96 98 The most important NTAE crops in Guatemala include


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The Guatemalan capital Guatemala City hosts 36 embassies, and in addition there are 42 consulates and one other representation in Guatemala. The EmbassyPage for Guatemala was last updated on... Walmart Guatemala. Retail Company. Importadora Regis. Wholesale & Supply Store.